Bob was the kind of guy who is an outstanding employee. For any task given to him, Bob would set a deadline and always always always finish the project on time and with excellence.

So when Bob’s boss asked him to work on a particularly urgent and essential project, Bob committed that he would have it done by Saturday night. Even though this meant that he had to work part of the weekend, Bob felt that he could have it wrapped up early Saturday.

Early that morning, Bob‘s son Frankie, came in and asked his dad if they could play catch. Bob explained that he would as soon as he had this project completed and sent in. He also said It shouldn’t take very long.

Bob dug-in, blocked out everything else, and gave it his usual total commitment and passion. Although he worked all day on the project, It was almost midnight before Bob finished. Still, he was able to get the project sent in before the deadline.

As the last page went through the scanner, Bob remembered he had made a commitment to Frankie that they would play catch. Now, at 11:45 pm, Frankie was long asleep, it was dark outside, and Bob was exhausted. At first, Bob thought, “ I wonder what I can do to make this up to him?” He reasoned with himself that he might get Frankie a  new baseball glove, or possibly he could take his son to an upcoming Major-League game. Somehow Bob knew that none of these ideas could make up for the failure he felt as a dad. One thing he knew that he had to do right away was to go up and apologize to Frankie. Trudging up the stairs, Bob hoped that Frankie would forgive him.

As Frankie Rubbed his eyes And became fully awake. Bob apologized for Not playing catch earlier in the day. But then Bob did something that made him an All-Star dad. He told Frankie to get his glove. And they went outside  under the streetlight, and they played catch for almost an hour

What made this an All-Star moment? I was Bob’s passion for doing the right thing when it came to his son. He could have made excuses or tried to replace his presence with a present, but none of those solutions would have been as impactful. Instead, Bob chose to put His relationship with his son. On an equal level with his commitment to the job. Bob would not have thought twice about staying up late for the job, but he also refused to give in to the feeble excuses when it came to Frankie.

Throughout the rest of his life. Frankie would remember that night and realize how much he meant to his dad. And Bob learned an incredible lesson about his own priorities. He realized that indeed he could balance work and family and bring as much passion to his home as to the office.

Like Bob, most parents work very hard at their jobs. They are committed and passionate about what they do for a living. Yet the frustration comes when we believe the lie that that says we have to choose between family and work. The lie tells us that we can’t bring passion to the dinner table as well as the conference table. Remember, you can do this. You can give the same level of passion to your family as to your job.  Decide to prioritize your life in such a way that your passion explodes in your family

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