I was not sure that  I wanted to use this title from my Blog posting. It reminded me of taking my dog to the kennel when you are out of town.  But the essence is pure. If we do not put time with our children on our calendar, then no matter how much we tell ourselves we want to spend time with them, it will never happen.

I love this time of year. it is a time to reflect on the future and to learn from the past. Very often, this is a season where we set goals, make resolutions and plan for seeing our dreams come true. Often parents look to build stronger bonds and deeper relationships with their kids.

Unfortunately, we struggle with time. We are all busy. Working parents usually have two full-time jobs; work and parenting. All the “adult” events go on the schedule, things like Yoga, Church, meetings, family gatherings, Toastmasters, grocery shopping, the carwash and on and on. Added to the family routine is our kid’s schedule; Scouts, sleepovers, softball, football practice, ballet, Ninja Warrior camp and the concert.

While these events are all good in their own right, they very often prevent us as parents from devoted, quiet, one-on-one time with Little Edgar or Edwinna. The time for developing deep relationships with our kids is something every parent needs. Sure, having time with Mom and Dad helps your kids. But it also helps you build self-esteem as a parent.

When you get to the point where you do the right thing, when you do the nurturing job, when you and not your calendar rules your life, you are strengthening your confidence and creating your greatness. You learn that you can do this parenting thing. You are in control.

A few simple tips:

  • Make sure to schedule a specific time just for your children. Add that time to your calendar so the time is blocked in and doesn’t slip your mind or get bumped out.
  • Use ink. This is more important than anything else that may come up, (unless your Great Dane gets a horrible intestinal flu).
  • Make sure it gets on everybody’s calendar. Not a good time if the kids don’t show up…

During the last year, our son was deployed overseas. Before he left we began the practice of blocking out Thursdays as a time for a family event. Dinner, going to the kid’s ball game or time at the camper became our priority practice. After he was deployed, we continued the tradition. We calendared our kids. Because we made an effort, we spent time growing closer and loving on one another. The time we spent together was great and our relationships deepened. Today our oldest granddaughter has picked up the habit. Every Tuesday, she either comes for breakfast or lunch and she is usually the one who reminds us. It has become a “sacred event.”

I hope this sounds simple. I hope you will do this. If you practice this skill it will make you feel awesome…because you are. You can do this!

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