I spent a good part of my life, wondering, “ why am I wired the way I am?” I asked myself why I felt like a failure. To overcome these feelings of self-disappointment, I spent many hours trying to live up to the unrealistic expectations of family, friends, college professors, bosses, preachers, and Facebook Friends. Worse, I found that I  continually failed to live up to my own brutal self-expectations.

I was frustrated always trying to be someone I wasn’t. Then one day, in a moment of great clarity, I came to realize that I was the only and the best “me” there would ever be. I had almost reached the point where my dreams were gone. I was parked on a dead-end road where I didn’t care anymore.

I experienced a miraculous explosion of perception and discovered my goals and dreams were not dead. Yet, after years of neglect, my hope and future were buried under piles of negative emotional manure and self-abuse.  I began the work of throwing off the lies and self-pity and instead began to embrace who I would one day become.

Like so many other Boomers, (who spent our time trying to live up to the unrelenting expectations of others), I drifted from occupation to occupation, hoping that I could find “that thing” that would make me happy, rich, fulfilled or content. But I found that the answer to seeing my dreams come true began first with an examination of my own sense of God-given destiny. Then I took a hard look at my own fears and self-imposed limitations.

As Mark Dreistadt, said in Infinity Concepts:

“My favorite definition of success is the continual achievement of becoming what God created you to be. In this definition, we see that a better measure of success is unique to each individual. When something burns in your heart, and you have the vision to achieve or overcome something, it becomes a race you run within your own dreams and aspirations.”[1]

Focusing on our dream, our passion or our vision, the dream becomes the “why”, of our lives. I found that my ability to stay focused on my destiny, in spite of an avalanche of distractions, is what will move us forward.

When horses race one another, they can be easily distracted. Because of the position of their eyes (on the side of their heads), they have tremendous peripheral vision. This kind of view is a real asset when they are out on the prairie and mindful of mountain lions, snakes, bears, and wolves. On the track, horses are often distracted by the fans, the movement of the starting gate, the rail and the other horses. That is why many horses will wear blinders while they are racing. It is to keep them from being distracted so they can focus on the finish line.

I was often like the horses on the prairie. Fear of failure haunted me just like the Lions, bears, and snakes caused the horses to bolt and run, I lived in the clutches of my own peripheral vision and fears. Every time I listened to a negative thought or when faced with criticism or when I experienced a failure or a setback, they gave false evidence of my own inability to achieve my dreams.

Then I decided to put the blinders on. I decided that I did not have to live my life being affected by the lies about me. I gained “blind-vision.” I began to focus only on what was before me. I remembered that I have innate God-given power, intelligence, and drive. I could do this. Today I am an author, a Keynote speaker, and a Life-Coach. I love it…I am living the dream. But remember…you can see your dreams come true. You can do this…


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