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Unlock Your Greatest You! People are the most important thing. It isn’t the job, the house we live in, the balance in the checking account. People Matter. People need hope and a belief that they have intrinsic value.

My goal is to inspire greatness in you. You were meant to become a great parent. I want you to learn how to “Be” the person you were meant to be, not just learn “to-do” things, hoping to change externally.

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All working parents struggle with walking the high-wire of balancing work and family life. 40% feel like failures. Good managers, however, know that one of the best ways to ensure their staff’s productivity is if the employees’ home environment is as happy as possible. Study after study shows that when people have stable and thriving families, they’re more creative, energetic, and dependable at work. When employees know you care about them, and that the workplace is family-friendly, they’ll work harder, ethically, and with greater loyalty.

Ed is a dynamic inspirational public speaker who provides hope for working stressed-out Moms and Dads.

Whether giving his Keynote address, “Walking the Wire,10 Ways to Balance Work and Family Life”, or through a variety of custom-made workshops, Ed provides Inspirational messages of optimism in the area of stress reduction, life balance, parenting, and self-acceptance.

Ed speaks at corporate, business, and non-profit conferences, seminars, and parent-friendly events. Contact Ed to discuss his availability and your needs.

Get Ed’s Latest Book “Call Me Dad: 5 Steps to Becoming the Parent You Never Had”

Parenting…no experience necessary, no success guaranteed.

Today you have to be licensed and trained to do carpentry work, to install plumbing, to practice nursing and to drive a car. Yet it is assumed that if and when someone becomes a parent, they will vicariously have the tools necessary to raise children and become a great parent.

Bookstores are filled with books directed at acquiring the skills needed to teach little Johnny how to make his bed, how to grow up gluten free and how to be a math wizard by second grade. Yet few books are written for parents to show them how to be parents as opposed to how to do parent skills and tricks.

Fifty percent of American parents grew up in broken and dysfunctional homes and received precious little parental training. Call Me Dad; Five Steps To Becoming The Parent You Never Had, was written with them in mind as a primer on how to become a great parent in spite of their past.

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GETTING BACK ON THE HORSE I learned from my mother that it is not the problems or the heartbreaks of life that define who we are. Instead, it is our willingness to confront those problems, admit our failures, and then overcome them that regulates who we become. In life, we…
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What I Do

I am a Parenting Consultant. 50% of today’s parents grew up in broken and dysfunctional homes and most missed out on healthy parental mentoring. I help parents overcome parental guilt, feelings of inadequacy, and disappointment. I help parents learn that they were meant to become great parents. I don’t focus on specific skills that are kid-centered, (such as how to turn Little Johnny into a math wiz, or how to raise gluten-free kids, or how to get Suzy to clean her room), instead, I emphasis helping parents become great people in spite of their own upbringing or past personal failures.

Life Coaching for Parents and for Pastors and Church Leaders

This service helps the client find the answer that lies within them and find a solution in real-time to issues of life.

Motivational Speaking

Ed provides Inspirational messages of hope in the area of fatherhood, parenting, and self-acceptance. Especially, if your role models weren’t the best. Ed will show you how to become a great parent. The speeches range in length from 45 minutes to full-day seminars depending on the needs of the audience.

Why Hire Ed?

  • Ed works with groups of all sizes from large auditoriums to conference rooms with small teams as well as providing individual, one-on-one coaching
  • Ed leverages technology to offer his consulting and coaching services, which are provided via the phone, Skype or Zoom.
  • He truly believes that our purpose in life is to let people know that they matter to us and that they have great potential.
  • With years of experience (and a lot of trial and error), Ed has a no non-sense but fun approach
  • Ed offers tangible solutions for those who struggle with their own sense of failure and show people how they can achieve greatness in spite of their past.
  • With Ed, the focus is on you. He is passionate about unlocking the greatness in every one of us. He’ll help you become a great parent.
  • Practical and scholarly experience having raised 4 successful children with his wife (and 8 grandchildren) as well as earning a Masters of Divinity from Kings University
  • 30+ years as a pastor, a hospice chaplain, a pre-marriage counselor, and life coach.
  • He’ll help you find the answer that lies within yourself and find a solution–in real-time–to issues of life.

About Ed

So you’d like to learn more about me. Well, my name is Ed Babcock. I am an author, a minister, motivational speaker and a life coach. Equally important, I am also the father of 4 successful adult children and the grandfather of 8.

I’ve always looked to serve others and find my greatest joy when I can help people unlock the greatness that is dwelling inside them. For me, people are the most important thing. This journey started with my BS degree from Cedarville University in Pre-Seminary Studies. after which I went on to get my M.Div from Kings University. I’ve spent the last 30+ Years as a pastor, a hospice chaplain, pre-marriage counselor, and life coach.

I’ve been a Group Life Coach for a home for homeless single mom’s. Mentor for new pastors. Currently, I am the Vice President of Membership for Tri-City Toastmasters in Dover NH. I also serve as An Assisting Minister at New Life Community in Portsmouth NH.

And now I’d like to help you become a great parent. You’ve already taken the first step by finding my website. So, take the next and contact me today. Let’s set up a time to chat.

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